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Employer Recognition Programme 


The vision of the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) is Leading integrated fire and emergency services for a safer New Zealand.  About 80% of operational firefighters are volunteers and many parts of the country are almost solely reliant on volunteer fire brigades to respond to emergencies in their community.


Without the contribution of volunteer firefighters, there would be no local fire brigades to respond to emergencies.  To enable volunteers  to respond to emergencies anytime, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing the support of their employers is critical for them to carry out the work that they do.


The NZFS Employer Recognition Programme (ERP) is designed to raise awareness, recognise and appreciate the importance of employers who support volunteers and the self-employed who volunteer in their local brigade. The programme is based on building partnerships with employers and the self-employed who share similar values and a commitment to help build strong, safe and caring communities.


The Employer Recognition Programme offers businesses and self-employed:

  • Use of the Fire Service Employer Recognition Programme brand in advertising and promotions
  • Public acknowledgement of support, such as displaying the employer’s business name on volunteer fire appliances, fire station signage and a portable banner for use at public events in the community, and taking out a “Thank You” advertisement in the local community paper
  • An annual Employer Recognition event for valuable networking and relationship building within the business community
  • Our commitment to develop, mentor and upskill employee’s with higher skills, specialist training and experience gained from real situations
  • An enhanced public reputation gained by demonstrated commitment to help build a safer, stronger community
  • The volunteer employee has exposure to community demographics, needs and issues which may assist with product or service enhancement or development
  • Helps attract customers, clients and business partners who trust the Fire Service brand
  • Aids in employee recruitment and retention for those employees who are or are intending to become volunteers
  • The volunteer employee will have current First Aid skills and be trained in emergency management and fire risk assessment, assisting in Health and Safety efforts of the Employer
  • Being a volunteer firefighter builds moral, loyalty, productivity, teamwork and problem solving skills which can transfer to other aspects of a volunteer’s life, including their job and workplace
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