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About the NZFS Levy 
All property owners who insure property in New Zealand against the risk of fire pay a levy.


"Property'" means any real or personal property situated in New Zealand; but does not include the categories of property set out in Schedule 3 of the Fire Service Act, or any property which is the subject of cover under a contract of marine insurance as defined the Act.  


Responsibility for calculating and making payment of the New Zealand Fire Service levy depends on how the insurance cover is being arranged. 

  • Where there is an NZ based insurer involved in the policy, levy is payable by the insurer (based upon the proportion of insurance) and a Form 6 completed by the insurer
  • Where there is not an NZ based insurer, but there is an NZ based broker, levy is payable by the broker, with Forms 1 and Form 2 completed by the broker
  • In all other circumstances, levy is payable to the Commission by the insured

Where levy is payable by the insured, the forms that should be sent with, or shortly after the payment are as follows:




Where there is a contract of fire insurance covering assets

Form 2, Form 3

Where there is a provision or reserve set aside to cover loss by fire or where there are any other arrangements similar to a contract of fire insurance

Form 4, Form 5


Levy is due on the 15th day of the second month following commencement of the policy. For example, if a policy covers the insurance period 30 June 2010 to 30 June 2011, levy is payable on 15 August 2010, regardless of when the premium is paid.


Whilst the NZFS endeavour to advertise and ensure that people who paid levy in prior years are sent reminder letters, the calculation and payment of levy ultimately falls on the party that is responsible for payment.