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Statutory Declaration Requests

The information on this page relates specifically to the Form 7 Statutory Declaration requests issued by the New Zealand Fire Service. For information relating to the Form 2 or Form 5, please refer to our guide.

Over 95% of the New Zealand Fire Service funding is received from a levy on contracts of insurance where assets in New Zealand are covered against the risk of fire.

Under Section 51A of the Fire Service Act 1975, The New Zealand Fire Service has the authority to request details of all insurance arrangements where assets are insured against the risk of fire.

Property includes all items, not just buildings. This includes but is not limited to

  • Plant & Factory
  • Stock
  • Office contents and equipment
  • Marine Cargo for sendings within New Zealand
  • Contract Works
  • Buildings including houses
  • Car Parks

It is a requirement that the Statutory Declaration is witnessed. In New Zealand, it must be witnessed in accordance with the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957. For a full list of those authorised in New Zealand to witness a statutory declaration please click here.

For customers outside of New Zealand, it is acceptable to have the Statutory Declaration witnessed in accordance with your local laws, e.g. a notary public, a commonwealth representative etc. You must send the original document back to the New Zealand Fire Service.

For further information, refer to the Statutory Declaration Guide

For Australian customers, refer to the Statutory Declaration Guide for Overseas Customers