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Strategic direction 
Strategic direction 

Our Vision

Leading integrated fire and emergency services for a safer New Zealand.

Our Values

  • Serving our community
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability
  • Skill
  • Comradeship

New Zealand Fire Service Structure

The New Zealand Fire Service, Whakaratonga Iwi, is constituted under section 3 of the Fire Service Act 1975.


The statutory role of the New Zealand Fire Service is fire safety, fire prevention, and fire extinction.


The Fire Service falls under the control of the New Zealand Fire Service Commission, a Crown Entity that reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon Peter Dunne.


Minister of Internal Affairs
Hon Peter Dunne
Diagram of Fire Service structure

To view more information about the National Rural Fire Authority go to their website at:

Statement of Intent (2014 to 2018)

The Statement of Intent is aligned to the Fire Service's new vision, "Leading integrated fire and emergency services for a safer New Zealand".  The Vision summarises our objectives for the work programme that will take us to 2020.


In recent years, the Fire Service has invested heavily in its physical assets and these are now comparable with any Fire Service in the world. The new Vision focuses on our people and how we do our work.


The core priority for the organisation is safety - for the public and firefighters.  Some recent events, including the Christchurch earthquakes, have highlighted areas where the Fire Service can improve how it manages emergency incidents.  A comprehensive programme is underway to address both technical incident management and leadership skills.


The Fire Service already manages a wide range of risks professionally and effectively.  The current work programme builds on that expertise and improves it where required to ensure New Zealand’s firefighters are as prepared as they can be for the risks they must inevitably manage.

Enhancement of these skills will help embed a culture of safety throughout the Fire Service.

The six key priorities for the Fire Service are:

  • Safety
  • People
  • Integration
  • Incident Management
  • Medical response
  • Risk reduction and prevention


Read the full Statement of Intent (2014-2018) document.