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Water Supplies 
Water Supplies 

Water is critical for allowing the NZ Fire Service to combat the outbreak of fire and thus reduce risk both within and to the community. For this purpose the NZFS has published a Code Of Practice that outlines our water supply needs.


The code of practice is published under section 30(3) of the Fire Service Act.


Property owners need to be aware that when considering fire risk, the provision of a readily available and sufficient water supply will affect the extent to which a fire fighters can save life and property.  Should a fire occur, the Fire Service will still respond if called and will commence fire fighting operations using whatever water is available, but delays in accessing a water supply allow a fire to continue to develop, to a size that more often results in a complete loss.


This code of practice recognises the value of fixed fire protection systems, particularly sprinkler installations, both in commercial building and within private homes. The Fire Service accepts that its firefighting water requirements can be tailored to a much lower demand in these buildings and the appropriate levels are detailed within the code of practice.


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