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Reducing School Arson 
Reducing school arsons 


Arson can have a significant impact on a school and its community. The loss of teaching resources, children's work, administration records and in some cases, the living history of a school cannot be measured in dollar terms. The loss of buildings and assets places a great strain not only on the Ministry of Education's resources, but on those of the school administrators and the local community.


All schools can take the following simple, low-cost steps to improve fire safety and reduce the likelihood of arson.

    • Keep rubbish bins and skips well away from outside walls.
    • Remove materials that can be used to set fires.
    • Install or increase security lights.
    • Involve the community.
    • Confront all fire-setting behaviour, no matter how small.


Please read our school arson reduction flyer. This provides tips and helpful information to help reduce the likelihood of arson.


Confront fire-setting behaviour and contact our free Fire Awareness Intervention Programme (0800 FIREINFO) for further advice. Our programme has a 98% success rate in ending fire-setting behaviour and can be directed to known fire-setters or to school groups if you don’t know who is lighting the fires.


If you have any questions about school arson please email us at