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Guy Fawkes firework safety 

New Zealanders celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on 5 November every year. Unfortunately around this time there is also an increase in fireworks-related callouts and injuries. If you are lighting fireworks, we have put together some tips to help you stay safe.


Lighting your fireworks

  • Read the fireworks’ instructions. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using them.
  • Light your fireworks in a wide-open area. Keep away from anything that could catch fire
  • Fireworks and alcohol/drugs are a dangerous combination.
  • Always let an adult light the fireworks. • Keep a bucket of water or a hose handy.
  • Keep all unlit fireworks in their box or bag until you are ready to light them.
  • Leave dud fireworks alone. Trying to relight them is unsafe.
  • If you do get burned, hold your burn under running water for 20 minutes.

Think about others

  • Put away the fireworks after 10:30pm.
  • Keep your pets inside on Guy Fawkes Night.
  • Point fireworks at the stars, not at your mates.