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A Career Like No Other 

Applications have now closed for 2014. Please check our website again in 2015 for information regarding the next career recruitment rounds.


From now on, we will be asking for ‘Expressions of Interest’ for those interested in becoming a career firefighter, and your preferred location. You will be able to submit the one application which will remain valid for up to one year. If you are successfully shortlisted based on your application, you will be automatically invited to our Cognitive test and if you pass, then the Physical Pre-Entry Test (PPT). Your scores will be kept for up to 12 months, and once a vacancy arises in your preferred location – you will be invited to a Practice Assessment Centre (PAC) test and/or subsequent tests. This means you will not have to submit a new application next year if there are no vacancies in your preferred location at this time.


Further information around the current testing dates is available under the ‘To Apply’ tab on the right hand side. Please spend some time learning about the role and our organisation before making your application - within these web pages is all of the information you need to learn about our organisation, what the role of a modern career firefighter is and importantly, how to apply for and work your way through the selection process.



If you need further information or have any questions please feel free to contact us