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A friendly reminder from your emergency services these holidays

If you're holidaying away from home over Christmas, make sure you take a note of your surroundings in case you have an emergency and need to call 111. Fire, Ambulance and Police say every second counts in an emergency and valuable time can be taken up if people are struggling to describe where to send emergency vehicles to help. "It’s important to provide us with enough details so we can get to you as quickly as we can. Stay on the phone and answer all the questions so we can gather the information we need to send the right response," Ambulance Communications Centre National Manager Alan Goudge says.


MEDIA RELEASE: NZFS INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE The New Zealand Fire Service has released the independent review of its management of the first 12 hours of its response to the February 2011 earthquake. The review, carried out by West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Chief Executive and Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling, found that the scale of event would have 'stretched any fire service in the world.'


Fire-Ambulance-Collaboration The New Zealand Fire Service and St John Ambulance are working together to build a prototype specialist fire appliance that will also function as a medical response vehicle.

NZFS response to CEDM Review of Christchurch Earthquake

Statement from Acting National Commander Paul McGill

Chief Executive's travels costs 18 May 2012

The head of the New Zealand Fire Service holds a dual role; Chief Executive Officer (corporate leader) and National Commander (operational commander-in-chief). Mike Hall held this position until he retired from the NZ Fire Service on 31 December 2011.

Lighters and Matches Deadly in the Hands of Children

The Fire Service says parents who leave matches and lighters around for their children to play with are putting their family’s lives at risk.

NZFS to Re-examine its Initial Management of Earthquake Response

Following the New Zealand Fire Service review of its operational response to the February earthquake in Christchurch, it is now in the early stages of an additional internal review to examine some management aspects in more detail.

Settlement of Negotiations

The New Zealand Fire Service and New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union have reached settlement on a new collective employment agreement to cover firefighters, officers, Communication Centre and 'Black Watch' uniformed staff.

Media statement from Chief Executive and National Commander Paul Baxter

The Fire Service has enormous sympathy for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake and their families.

New National Commander/Chief Executive takes the reins

Following the retirement of Mike Hall after 10 years in the hot seat, Paul Baxter is the new National Commander of the New Zealand Fire Service.