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Current Round 
Current round 

The New Zealand Fire Service Commission has a statutory duty to promote fire safety, better work practices and effective rural fire management. This requires that it supports research into better methods and practices of fire safety. The Board has made available a contestable research fund of $550,000 for 2017-2018 for research into a variety of areas identified as being of immediate importance.

    • School programmes evaluation 
    • Fatal fire risk factors 
    • Improving the accuracy of grass curing 
    • Public injury and fatalities at controlled burns 
    • Culture and diversity
    • Non-fire incidents and resilience 
    • After fire impacts on community 
    • Ammunition types which cause vegetation fires 

Research proposals are invited from organisations in a position to undertake research starting start from July 2017. The New Zealand Fire Service Commission seeks to fund research that meets its mission of reducing the incidence and consequence of fire. In addition to the priorities listed above, ¬†projects may be submitted in any field that addresses the Commission's mission.

Applicants intending to submit proposals on the Commission’s listed priorities are advised to read the relevant briefing documents.


Research must be original, must address issues in the context of New Zealand legislation, culture, climate, environment, construction practice or lifestyle, or should show how work carried out overseas may be applied in New Zealand.


Please make your submissions through using reference 18533996. Submissions will be assessed by an independent committee.


If you have any queries please email