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Research Priorities Set (Jul-Sept): Each year the New Zealand Fire Service Commission determines a set of research priorities that will assist them in meeting their mission of reducing the incidence and consequence of fire. In some instances a project brief will be prepared for a given topic of interest or priority area, however the research may be in any field that addresses the Commission's mission.

Expressions of Interest Called (Oct): The fund is extensively advertised in all major New Zealand daily papers, Government Electronic Tendering System (GETS) and directly to academic and major research institutes. Guidelines on submission are provided and a closing date for submissions set. All submitted expressions of interest are assessed by the Research Advisory Group. The expressions of interest are judged according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the research to the Commission's strategic priority areas
  • Capability of the organisation and its staff
  • Track record of the organisation in carrying out research projects
  • Description of a sound methodology
  • Identification of applicable outputs
  • Cost. A limited number of organisations will then be invited in writing to submit detailed proposals for scrutiny by the Research Advisory Group.